November 2023: Honda Unveils E-Clutch Technology at EICMA

In November 2023, Honda made a significant impact in the motorcycle world by showcasing its new E-Clutch technology at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan. With over 560,000 attendees, the potential audience for Honda's latest development was massive. The news quickly spread through various channels, including RideApart.

Honda Introduces E-Clutch on the 2024 CBR650R and CB650R

Honda's latest clutch system is featured on the 2024 CBR650R and CB650R models. The system utilizes two servo motors to assist with up- and downshifting. It also automatically engages the clutch when the bike comes to a stop, preventing stalling. This feature is particularly useful for new riders who are still getting accustomed to using a hand-operated clutch. Returning riders can also benefit from the system, as it offers customizable levels of intervention through the bike's display menu.

The E-Clutch technology does not eliminate the need for a clutch or turn the bike into a twist-and-go model. Instead, it provides riders with varying levels of control over their clutch behavior, allowing them to choose their preferred level of assistance. This flexibility is beneficial in winning over skeptics.

Pricing Announcement for Thailand Market

In February 2024, Honda finally revealed the pricing for its E-Clutch-equipped motorcycles in Thailand. While this information does not directly indicate the prices in other countries, it provides a general idea of what to expect. The 2024 Honda CBR650R starts at ฿327,300, equivalent to approximately $9,189, while the 2024 Honda CB650R starts at ฿312,100, or around $8,762.

Comparing these prices to the non-E-Clutch-equipped 2023 CBR650R and CB650R in the US, there is not a significant difference. The current US MSRP for the CBR650R is $9,899, and for the CB650R, it is $9,399.

Overview of Pricing in Thailand

Looking at the broader range of 2024 Honda motorcycles in Thailand, the updated CBR600RR has an MSRP of ฿549,000 (approximately $15,413 USD), while the CB750 Hornet is priced at ฿319,000 (around $8,956 USD). The CL500 (SCL500 in the US) is available for ฿226,800 (about $6,367 USD). In the US, the current MSRP for the SCL500 is $6,799.

Honda typically releases pricing and availability information for its bikes at different times for different regions. As more pricing details become available, RideApart will provide updates. Stay tuned for the latest information.