The importance of fitness increases as you seek more fun on your motorcycle. Being physically fit can enhance your stamina, endurance, and ability to lift your bike in case of a fall.

This is especially crucial for dual sport or adventure riders who often need to lift their bikes. However, even if you primarily ride on roads, unexpected situations may require you to lift your own or someone else's bike.

While you cannot predict when you will need to lift a fallen bike or how heavy it will be, you can control your level of preparedness. Adventure riding instructor Bret Tkacs and a crossfit coaching buddy have created a video to demonstrate techniques for lifting bikes.

The techniques shown in the video may vary, but they all share two key points. Firstly, lifting a bike involves driving rather than simply lifting. Ideally, you should use your leg and core strength to push the bike off its side and onto its wheels, and then leverage to bring it upright.

To effectively use your leg and core strength, you must first build these muscles and apply proper technique to avoid injury. Be sure to watch the video and consider bookmarking it to help you improve your bike fitness.

The second important point for bike lifting, which is also relevant for riding in general, is grip strength. Having a strong grip makes it easier to control your bike while riding, especially during long hours on the saddle. Improving your overall physical fitness also enhances your stamina for riding.

Grip strength is crucial for maneuvering a fallen bike off the ground, whether it's your own or a friend's. If you cannot maintain a firm grip on the bike, you will struggle to move it.

In the video, exercises are demonstrated in a gym setting to help you build the necessary strength and technique for bike lifting. This information is valuable for riders seeking guidance on developing their own fitness routines.

Engaging in other regular fitness routines also contributes to motorcycle fitness. Professional motorcycle racers are typically among the fittest athletes, often participating in activities such as cycling, running, swimming, and gym workouts.

While you do not need to be in peak physical condition to ride a motorcycle, every bit of fitness can enhance your enjoyment and time spent on the bike. Isn't that what most riders want?

What is your favorite motorcycle fitness tip or routine? Let us know in the comments!