Introducing the Gocycle CX Series: Transforming Electric Cargo Bikes

Electric cargo bikes have revolutionized urban transportation, offering a practical alternative to cars for certain trips. These e-cargo bikes are capable of carrying a surprising amount of cargo while remaining agile and easy to ride. Gocycle, a UK-based e-bike brand, aims to change the perception of cargo e-bikes from utility to fun and excitement with its new CX series.

Gocycle is renowned for its lightweight and foldable e-bike designs, and it incorporates this technology into the CX series. The CX Plus model features a unique handlebar called the Flofit, which promises enhanced comfort and control. The Flofit can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of riders, including reach and grip angle. Additionally, the handlebar can be folded for convenient storage or transport.

Unlike traditional electric cargo bikes that tend to be heavy and bulky, Gocycle aims to offer a lightweight solution with the CX series. The bike is constructed with a lightweight frame, utilizing aluminum at the front and carbon at the back for a lightweight setup. The fork and wheels are also made of carbon. The handlebar and frame can be easily folded, and the seat post can be removed to reduce the bike's dimensions. As a result, the Gocycle CX can be easily transported in a van, train, or bus.

In terms of technology, the Gocycle CX is powered by a removable 375-watt-hour battery pack for convenient charging. The power is transmitted to a front-wheel hub with traction control, and the bike is limited to a top speed of 15 miles per hour to comply with Europe's strict e-bike regulations. For added safety, the bike is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes for efficient stopping. Riders can also pedal along with the powertrain using a Shimano Nexus hub and a Gates CDX carbon belt drive.

When it comes to pricing and availability, Gocycle's bikes have never been cheap, and the CX series is no exception. It is available in two models: CXi and CX Plus. The CX Plus model offers several upgrades, including the Flofit handlebars and a wooden rear rack. The base model CXi starts at £5,999 (approximately $7,651 USD), while the CX Plus is priced at £6,999 (approximately $8,927 USD). Availability outside of the UK has yet to be announced, but deliveries within the UK are expected to begin in September 2024.