Electric Motorcycles: Gogoro Unveils High-Performance Pulse Scooter

Electric Motorcycles: Gogoro Unveils High-Performance Pulse Scooter

Electric motorcycles are becoming faster and more technologically advanced than ever before. Gogoro, a Taiwanese company known for its Smartscooters and battery swapping network, has recently unveiled its newest flagship scooter, the Pulse. This model showcases Gogoro's dedication to innovation, design, and performance.

The Pulse is powered by Gogoro's latest powertrain, the Hyper Drive, which boasts a maximum output of 9 kilowatts (approximately 12.2 horsepower). It offers impressive torque, with Gogoro claiming 378 Nm (280 pound-feet). This translates to a thrilling ride, with a zero to 50-kilometer-per-hour (26 mile-per-hour) sprint in just 3.05 seconds.

In terms of design, the Pulse stands out with its sporty appearance, featuring chiseled bodywork and a rugged fascia. Gogoro refers to this design language as "Aeroforce," emphasizing its maximum aerodynamic efficiency and motor cooling.

On the tech side, the Pulse includes an "active-matrix lighting system" with 13 independent LED units for enhanced safety and visibility. It also features a Smart Cockpit dashboard with a large 10.25-inch panoramic HD touchscreen panel, providing riders with ample ride data. Additionally, the scooter offers integration with Apple Wallet and Apple Find My, allowing seamless connectivity with Apple devices.

The Gogoro Pulse is packed with advanced technology, showcasing how far scooters have come from their humble beginnings. Pricing information has yet to be released, but the scooter is set to launch in Taiwan in late Q2 of 2024, with other markets expected to follow in late 2024 or early 2025.