The Dakar Rally: Behind the Scenes with Super73 Electric Bikes

The recently concluded Dakar Rally was a resounding success, with impressive victories from Brabec and Cornejo, as well as standout performances from Van Beveren and Branch. While these racers are undoubtedly the heroes of the event, it's also worth exploring what happens behind the scenes.

As the organizing sponsor, Red Bull oversees the Dakar Rally, which takes place in the arid landscape of Saudi Arabia. The heart of the rally is the Dakar Rally bivouac, a temporary home to over 3,000 people spread across a 200,000-square-meter space. In this bustling community, you'll find all the necessary amenities, including catering, water, electricity, medical support, TV satellites, and waste management. However, navigating this vast area on foot can be quite challenging.

To address this issue, Super73, an American lifestyle adventure brand known for its electric two-wheelers, partnered with Red Bull to create a custom fleet of electric bikes for the team. This collaboration greatly improved operations, allowing the organizing team to move efficiently throughout the 5,000-kilometer event.

Super73's e-bikes are specifically designed for the Dakar Rally's arid landscape, boasting impressive performance and robust technology. These high-power e-bikes offer the option of pedal assist or throttle-only operation, similar to a small electric motorcycle. For the Dakar Rally, Super73 provided a fleet of custom S2 bikes. The S2 is Super73's iconic urban cruiser, featuring moto-inspired styling and a powerful 750W motor. With a top speed of 28 miles per hour on pedal assist and 20 miles per hour on throttle-only operation, these bikes are perfect for the rally.

The custom S2s designed for the Dakar Rally feature a matte blue paint job, paying homage to Red Bull's colors. The bikes are equipped with RX LED headlights and tail lights for optimal visibility at night. Riders enjoy extra leverage with a low-rise handlebar and ODI grips, while a custom saddle with blue leather desert wings adds a unique touch. The bikes are equipped with chunky GRZLY all-terrain tires, perfect for tackling the loose and sandy terrain of the rally. Additionally, an in-frame MOLLE panel allows users to attach various accessories on the go.

From the images provided by Super73, we can see top Dakar racers such as Toby Price, Cristina Gutierrez, and Seth Quintero making good use of the custom-built S2s when they weren't racing.

If you're interested in owning your own Super73 S2, you're in luck. It's available for purchase on Super73's official website for $3,295 USD. However, you'll miss out on the Dakar-inspired features and blue paintwork.