Yamaha's Concept Vehicle, the Tricera, Showcases Innovation

Yamaha is known for its innovative motorcycles that have set the standard for performance, technology, and safety. However, the Japanese manufacturer also has a collection of concept vehicles that challenge convention and aim to change the norm.

An example of this is the Yamaha Tricera, a unique three-wheeled vehicle similar to the Polaris Slingshot but with an electric motor and a more friendly design. Yamaha describes the Tricera as embodying "Urban Exciting Mobility," although it could have been better phrased as "Exciting Urban Mobility." Last November, we discussed Yamaha's unusual and somewhat cringe-worthy promotional video for the Tricera.

While Yamaha excels in engineering and designing various gadgets and gizmos, their video editing skills leave something to be desired. The promotional video clearly relies heavily on CGI, and the lighting of the characters makes it obvious that they were filmed in front of a green screen. Additionally, the empty streets of Paris depicted in the video are far from realistic.

Despite the video's flaws, the Tricera concept itself is intriguing as it stands out from Yamaha's other electric initiatives. It is not a car or a motorcycle, but rather a three-wheeled machine that would be at home in a performance-oriented setting like a racetrack or a twisty mountain road. If you're eager to see the Tricera in person, it will be on display at the AIMExpo Dealer Trade Show, taking place from February 6 to 8, 2024, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The American International Motorcycle Expo is the largest powersports trade show in North America and attracts visitors from around the world.

Yamaha has not yet revealed the powertrain details of the Tricera, but it is expected to be powerful. What we do know is that it features innovative technology such as three-wheel steering, allowing for tight turns in the city. It also has a "full open" cockpit, providing occupants with an open-air riding experience similar to a motorcycle, without the need for balancing or countersteering.

In addition to the Tricera, Yamaha has other exciting offerings at the AIMExpo. This includes the YZF-R1 of three-time MotoAmerica Champ Jake Gagne, Rachel Archer's 250 GNCC YZ250F, and the championship-winning King of the Hammers RMAX 1000. Yamaha's new e-bike lineup, including the cutting-edge YDX Moro electric mountain bike, will also be on display. Yamaha dealer representatives will be present to discuss opportunities for enhancing dealerships.