Belgian Electric Motorcycle Specialist Trevor Motorcycles Plans for Expansion in 2024

Belgian electric motorcycle specialist Trevor Motorcycles is preparing for a significant expansion in 2024. The company, known for its impressive DTRe Stella model, has a series of launches scheduled for the year, including a more affordable model called the Vince and a high-performance electric motocrosser.

Unlike other startups that focus on online presence and e-commerce, Trevor Motorcycles is taking a different approach. The company is actively seeking brick and mortar dealerships worldwide while maintaining an intuitive and interactive website.

Trevor Motorcycles aims to establish 280 sales points, with 140 in Europe and the UK, and another 140 in the US and Canada. In 2023, the company announced its entry into the US market, selling the DTRe Stella handbuilt motorcycle for $11,975 USD. To achieve its expansion goals, especially in Europe, Trevor Motorcycles has partnered with The Pack, led by Guy Salens, a community of electric motorcycle enthusiasts with expertise in electric mobility.

Trevor Motorcycles is dedicated to innovating urban transportation with its electric two-wheelers. In terms of distribution through dealerships, the company is looking to collaborate with powersports and motorcycle dealers specializing in outdoor and extreme sports such as flat track, enduro, motocross, and off-roading.

In addition to the premium DTRe Stella, Trevor Motorcycles plans to release the more affordable DTRe Vince in 2024. Co-founder Jeroen-Vincent describes the Vince as a refined version of the Stella, offering a more accessible option. The Vince will be priced at $8,260 (before taxes) in the US market and €9,950 (including VAT) in Europe. Pre-orders are now open, with expected delivery in fall 2024.

While still a premium offering, the Vince expands Trevor's portfolio to a wider audience. It is powered by a mid-drive motor with a peak output of 11 kilowatts (about 15 horsepower), comparable to the performance of 125cc gas-powered two-wheelers.

Trevor Motorcycles is also working on a high-performance electric platform, with plans to unveil an all-new electric motocross prototype. The company aims to compete with powerful off-roaders like the Stark Varg and hopes to homologate the electric motocrosser for motocross races in the future.