Royal Enfield Expands Distribution in the Philippines

Royal Enfield, the oldest continuously operating motorcycle manufacturer, has announced a major development in its distribution in the Philippines. Motociclista Scatola Inc. (MSI), also known as Bikerbox, has been named the official distributor for Royal Enfield in the Philippine market. MSI is already responsible for distributing other well-known brands such as Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, and Moto Morini in the country.

Michael Victor F. Bondoc, Director at Motociclista Scatola Inc., expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, "Partnering with the world's oldest motorcycle brand allows us to diversify offerings to motorcycle enthusiasts in the Philippines. With a growing demand for evocative, easy-riding motorcycles, our aim is to have Royal Enfield's presence providing the best riding experience and growing our community of leisure riders."

Royal Enfield recognizes the importance of the Philippine market in the Asia Pacific region, as it has seen significant growth in the premium segment in recent years. The company hopes to create an approachable and non-intimidating space for like-minded individuals to share their passion for motorcycling. Royal Enfield has always prioritized self-expression and the enjoyment of the two-wheeled lifestyle over cutting-edge technology and high-performance.

Anuj Dua, Business Head for Asia Pacific markets at Royal Enfield, emphasized the significance of the Philippine market and the potential for growth. "With the Philippines being the sixth-largest two-wheeler market globally, it is crucial for us. We believe our motorcycles offer a differentiated motorcycling experience ideal for the market. Partnering with Motociclista Scatola Inc. is strategic, given their proven success and expertise in the two-wheeler market. This partnership will fuel our growth in the Asia Pacific region."