Ryvid to Expand Manufacturing Facility and Launch New Models in 2024

Electric motorcycle specialist Ryvid is planning to make a big impact in 2024 with the opening of a new manufacturing facility and the introduction of several new models. The company gained attention with its Anthem electric motorcycle, which was initially unveiled as a prototype in 2022. The bike has since become a reality and was released to the market in September 2023.

Ryvid is currently operating at full capacity at its facility in San Bernardino, California, but is looking to upgrade the factory to meet growing consumer demand and keep up with the fast-paced motorcycle industry. Founder Dong Tran's vision for 2024 includes expanding production capacity and developing new models.

"By opening our own factory facility, we have been able to streamline the manufacturing process even further, allowing Ryvid to quickly adapt to new models and target new market segments. While growth is important, our company's priorities are accessibility, innovation, sustainability, and community," said Dong Tran in a press release. The company's US-based production team will also prioritize accessibility, innovation, and sustainability.

The Anthem is Ryvid's interpretation of a versatile, urban-focused motorcycle that appeals to both enthusiasts and commuters. Priced at $8,995 USD, it features a lightweight stainless steel folded sheet metal frame for performance and versatility. The modular construction allows for reduced weight and easy maintenance. The Anthem is powered by a removable 4.3-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery that can be charged anywhere and provides up to 75 miles of range on a single charge.

The motor delivers 13.5 kilowatts (18 horsepower) and 53-pound-feet of torque, offering an exciting yet approachable urban riding experience. It also includes a reverse gear for easy parking. However, electric motorcycles often feel more powerful than their manufacturer claims due to their instantaneous throttle response, and the same may be true for the Ryvid Anthem.

With Ryvid's expansion plans, it is clear that many new models are on the horizon. The company's press release hints at upcoming announcements for the spring and summer seasons, promising an "extraordinarily flexible platform" that will attract a wide range of riders and offer plenty of customization options.